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911 01 Trenčín
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”Quality matters”
”Quality matters”


Seat of Slovak Research Center is in a completely renovated building in a broader historical center of the city Trencin, on Piaristicka street No. 8. SRC Offices are to be found on the first floor. The directors and all study coordinators sit here.

Except offices, There is a monitoring room (used for CRA visits and audits), a small temporary archive, room for source documents and study medication (with lockable cabinets and monitored and recorded temperature).

The whole building is flood- and fire-protected and secure against robberies. It is monitored with a system of 6 cameras with permanent record saving and accassible live via internet.

Cooperating sites are located around Trencin, up to 100 km distance. Particular clinical trials are conducted directly at practices of the investigatos, where patients come for study visits and where all the equipment from the sponsor is stored, as well as the source documents.

Except of private outpatient clinics, the following hospitals cooperate with us:

Nemocnica Bánovce 3. Súkromná nemocnica s.r.o

NsP Nové Mesto nad Váhom n.o.