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Clinical Trials Coordinator

Clinical Trials Coordinator (SC) is the person responsible for the collection and maintenance of clinical trial documentation, but also for a number of other tasks. Many principal investigators are unable to meet the requirements of the regulatory authorities and all their responsibilities as principle investigators. Incorporating the clinical trials coordinator into the site team enables the principle investigator to address the scientific and medical aspects of clinical trials and to concentrate on patient safety.

Some of the main SC tasks:

Clinical trial coordinators are in the center of interest as members of the clinical research team. In cooperation with responsible investigators, they help with recruiting patients, significantly influence the quality of collected data, coordinate all team members and oversee the strict order of procedures in accordance with the clinical trial protocol. They are also the main contact for the patient throughout the duration of his / her participation in clinical trial. One recent survey identified 128 different activities conducted by CTCs. Studies have shown that adding a coordinator to the research team greatly improves the number of patients enrolled, increases patient retention, motivating patients for further visits, and positively influencing the overall effectiveness of clinical trials.