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”Quality matters”
”Quality matters”

About us

Slovak Research Center works with experienced team of investigators, study coordinators and study nurses. The whole team has passed GCP training and is being regularly re-trained. Our main goal is to perform the clinical trials phase II., III. and IV. on very high professional level.

Our doctors have participated in many clinical trials in different areas of medicine, including oncology (more information you can find under Home/For sponsors/Our experience with clinical trials)

Our study team has experience with drawing and processing samples for pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacogenetic analysis. All study team members actively working with the biological samples have passed IATA training and have IATA certificates. Samples are stored in the freezers at -20°C or -80°C, then shipped via courier in dry ice to central labs.

We closely cooperate with different certified professionals, such as MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, laboratories and regional and state hospitals. Results of imaging methods such as CT scan and MRI we transfer electronically to independent evaluation centers.

High quality of gathered data and information, it’s processing, documentation and archiving are our priorities. We understand its importance for the results of the clinical trial. We have experience with CRF entry - both, paper and electronic. We use electronic diaries and questionnaires. We are experienced in using different IVRS systems.

All clinical trials at our sites are conducted in compliance with ICH GCP, European directive, local legislation and particular clinical trial protocol. We have experience with several internal and external audits and inspections.

Our doctors work with modern equipment, which is necessary for accurate diagnosing and treatment. The equipment at all of our sites is being regularly calibrated, the certificates are available upon request.

Slovak Research Center is the only center of clinical research in Slovakia a member of the Society of Clinical Research Sites. SCRS is the first organization fully dedicated to representing the interests of the clinical research site community. SCRS gives sites a voice, a seat at the table, and the ability to participate in discussions and decisions that ultimately impact the clinical research sites and the industry at large. SCRS also offers a possibility of additional trainings via Webex meetings and organizes Site Solutions Summits, where the members meet to exchange their experience.